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The Economist Spreads Misinformation on the Chilean Constitutional Process and Should Apologise

The Economist’s defence of the Pinochet constitution is consistent with its ideological stance; the problem is when a media outlet of this international […]

Piñera Appoints Pinochet Dictatorship Official Minister of Labour

On Wednesday, 7 April, Chilean president Sebastián Piñera appointed Patricio Melero, a representative of the far right and former official in the […]

Protests against police brutality marked the day in different regions of Chile

[] After de murder of the street-artist Francisco Martínez by a policeman yesterday in Panguipulli, people in different regions of the country […]

Indignation in Chile for the murder of an street-artist by police

[] After the murder of the young street artist Francisco Martínez Romero by a policeman of Carabineros, protesters installed barricades in […]

Mapuche Political Prisoners: 112 days on Hunger Strike without Response from Chilean government

[] On August 18 was announced that Celestino Córdova had ended his lengthy hunger strike after reaching an agreement with the Chilean government. […]

Mapuche Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike for 75 Days without Response from Chilean President Piñera

Life or Death: That is the situation of the eight Mapuche political prisoners in Angol prison, in the Chilean region of Araucanía, who have now been on […]

Nationwide protest marks first night in March in Chile

[] Cacerolazos (traditional Latin American form of protest in which people make noise with pots and pans to demand the resignation of a […]

Civilians Exit Private Vehicle Driven by Man in Military Police Uniform and Brutally Beat Two Demonstrators

[] An exceedingly concerning incident occurred at approximately 11.15 PM this Monday in the Remodelación Eleuterio Ramírez neighbourhood of […]

Social organisations in Chile reject the ‘peace agreement’ of the discredited political class and call for mobilisations to continue

[] After what the political class characterised as an ‘Agreement for Peace and a New Constitution’, various social organisations and movements […]

Chilean A & E Departments Report More than 8,000 Cases Nationally since 18 October

Hours before Chilean president Sebastián Piñera announced a series of measures intended to intensify the criminalisation and persecution of the social […]