Chilean military police murder another Mapuche community member

[] 'Police enter firing indiscriminately at community members. A Mapuche man is reportedly in serious condition due to a police-inflicted gunshot wound. Two police helicopters flying over the community.' This is how Jorge Huelchullán, werkén (mapuche spokesperson) of the Autonomous Community of Temucuicui, described the police actions against the members of the Temucuicui community on his Facebook account.

Werkén Huelchullán has confirmed to that the murdered community member was Camilo Catrillanca Marín, who received one or more gunshot wounds; he could not be saved despite having been evacuated to a health care facility. Jorge Huelchullán reported to Resumen that, at approximately 5 PM, the military police (Carabineros) entered the community without a search warrant in armoured vehicles, with two helicopters and a large police contingent firing indiscriminately. 'We have no idea what their justification for attacking us is...They've come here to kill us. If you listen, you can hear the gunfire. They're still firing. The helicopters are still flying over the community,' Jorge told Resumen at 7.15 PM today.sf

Publication photograph of Jorge Huenchullán’s Facebook reporting the murder of Camilo Catrillanca Marín. You can read the original version in spanish here: Carabineros asesina a otro comunero mapuche en Lof Temucuicui

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Chilean military police murder another Mapuche community member